Which is the Best Attire Is It Ethnic Or Western?

assessed based on the kind of clothes we put on for any occasion, whether it’s weddings or even an event?

We young people, have a variety of opinions regarding this issue. Many of us believe that we should adjust to western attire as they look attractive, and more comfortable than traditional clothing and provides us with more confidence and that we do not need to constantly alter our Saree or securing our Dupatta whenever it gets chilly. Other claim that if you wear western clothing like jeans or trousers with a top is enough to stroll around in a comfortable way on the road. Think of the functions or family gatherings that occur in summer! Wearing a sparkling gown or a fancy skirt is more appealing than wearing neither an embroidered Silk Saree nor a tight traditional suit! Culottes and Palazzo are extremely comfortable and, if you pair them with the appropriate accessories, they can look great at family gatherings also! Dungarees however, make one look very strong and confident! I have read about a study researchers recently conducted. The study was conducted on those who were wearing their national dress to symbolize unity. This study showed that people who adapted to western attire had less emotional and behavioral issues.

Did you hear your aunties gossip about a girl wearing one piece? Yeah, I did! These are the kinds of people who believe it’s not a good idea to adapt to western clothes as the traditional culture will disappear. So, do you think wearing new trending sarees or a Kurta every day is a sign of our identity and culture? No, I doubt it. Dressing in a saree is extremely demanding, don’t consider? Why would we select that alternative when there are plenty of other options?

In India families, they are religious. They believe that wearing ethnic clothing will show they were raised in a respectable family and are modest. They make a big deal about a woman who is looking at a simple outfit at a gathering or wearing an edgy dress to a party. I agree that we shouldn’t be straying from the traditional clothes however we should be following the trends of the moment!

In the world which we are living in, women is judged by a variety of individuals and everyone has their own view. However, dressing style a woman likes will be more significant than having to dress to fit in with the social norms. If she is a fan of wearing Western clothes, she has to wear it! If she isn’t a fan of the western style, ethnic is welcomed by all! The woman must dress to her own taste and always feel confident and confident without feeling embarrassed about herself.

Let me share some details about what women wore in between the 9th and 7th centuries. Women from the southern part of India were not covered on their upper bodies since the weather was extremely hot. It was considered acceptable in the past. Nowadays, if a lady exposes one inch of body on her waist, is she in a shambles? What happens when women saree party wear? They show the skin’s six inches and is that acceptable? Since the British rule was established the west, western clothes like skirts, pants and trousers, palazzo tops and more… are ruling the minds of young people. I’m sure that a majority of people who dress in western attire adhere to this Indian style of dress.

Personally, I believe that one should not make the mistake of comparing Western and ethnic clothing without understanding the actual facts. Every person should have their own style of comfort, and not be pressured to dress only ethnic clothes and in reverse. Therefore, when it comes to the selection of clothes for women should decide on what type of clothing to wear to wear for the occasion. I’d like to end by saying that it’s more popular to wear ethnic clothing in traditional events that highlight our tradition and make us look as if we’re more connected to our roots, however Western clothes can be a better choice in other situations.