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Backlinks play a significant role when it comes to blogging because it gives you credibility. Backlinks refer to links on other sites that point to a particular content on your site. High and quality Backlinks are those that are relevant to your niche market.

For instance, if your content is about inspiration and you get a link from a similar site then that link is considered to be of high quality although other factors come into play such as domain authority and page authority. There is a lot to learn about Backlinks which you can access from these articles.

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How to Build Backlinks in 2017 (NEW Guide)

However, the most important thing to know about Backlinks is that the more credible and relevant Backlinks your site has, the more your site gets ranked higher which earns your site significant traffic from search engines.

For this reason, is offering you a chance to earn high-quality and credible Backlinks to your site. For you to qualify for this platform, you have to write content that is relevant to this site. Among the topics that you should cover include:

  • Blogging
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Tips to Increase Productivity
  • Inspirational Stories
  • Gadget Review

Guest authors are MUST write ORIGINAL content of at least 700 words long.

In addition, they are expected to share the post on their social media networks and respond to comments from readers.

If you are interested in getting high-quality and credible Backlinks, send your pitch to through the contact form or

Content outline

  1. Headline.

Provide three headline options

  1. Introduction.

State the main points in a way that it captures the reader’s attention.

  1. Body

Use short sentences to describe your main points.

  1. Conclusion

Summarize the key points in a manner that adds value to the reader

  1. Author Bio

Provide a short bio of yourself and important links to your site.




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